Social media channels are powerful communication tools.

However, harnessing social media for communication or marketing can be time-consuming and difficult to execute effectively. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing offers a seamless solution. 

What is Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Dynamics 365 Marketing is Microsoft’s enterprise grade marketing solutionIt enables organisations to schedule, optimise and analyse their social media activity in one centralised application. On top of that, Dynamics 365 Marketing connects with the wider Dynamics 365 platform, providing native integration with Dynamics 365 CRM systemThis means social campaigns and customer journeys are aligned, allowing sales, customer service and marketing teams to naturally work together seamlessly. 

So how can you easily optimise your social media channels using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing? 

  1. Plan and schedule content

Creating a proactive social media plan or calendar is an important task as it not only saves your team time, but it also provides a clear overview of all upcoming posts.

Using Dynamics 365 Marketing, users can schedule multiple social posts across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Posts can be edited and re-scheduled with ease, streamlining social media planning and output.

Using Dynamics 365 Marketing’s scheduling service allows your team to clearly plan ahead. It allows your team to structure the themes and variety of social posts and ensure you have messaging in place for any key dates, for example product launches.

  1. Post rich content

Social media threads have changed a lot over recent years. What was once a text and image centric medium, has now become rich with content variety. From GIFs and videos, through to interactive polls, there are now many ways to communicate through social media.

Organisations have the opportunity to engage with customers and prospects by utilising different content formats. In the 2020 release wave 2, Microsoft redesigned Dynamics 365 Marketing’s post creation experience, making it more engaging and easier for marketing professionals to build and post rich content.

  1. Analyse and optimise

When using social media for marketing or communication, reviewing post performance is important. There are many factors which influence the success of a social media post, but unless you are able to measure key metrics, you will be unable to determine what works for your organisation.

Dynamics 365 Marketing conveniently provides an overview of performance metrics such as engagement, followers and impressions across all your social channels and social interactions. This enables marketing professionals to analyse results across campaigns, identify opportunities for A/B testing and optimise future campaigns.

  1. Nurture leads straight from LinkedIn

For many B2B organisations, LinkedIn is a key channel for social media marketing and lead generation. Luckily for Dynamics 365 users, LinkedIn is part of the Microsoft family and therefore naturally integrates with the platform.

A key tool is Dynamics 365 Marketing integration with LinkedIn Lead Gen forms. Lead Gen forms allow you to target matched audiences, nurture leads and create tailored buyer journeys based on LinkedIn content and interactions.

Along with integration with your CRM system, Dynamics 365 Marketing’s natural integration with LinkedIn allows your marketing and sales teams to further work together to generate new business leads.

Go beyond basic marketing with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Marketing offers so much more than social media capabilities. It is a solution that provides a holistic view of marketing activity and performance across marketing channels. It is designed to streamline marketing efforts and improve collaboration across your organisation.

To discover more about Dynamics 365 Marketing, download our guide: Go beyond basic marketing – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing product guide.