Return to the Workplace with Power Platform

With lockdown easing, organisations are starting to reopen for business. Organisations everywhere face the daunting task of minimising risk in meeting rooms, factory floors, storefronts, and more to ensure the safety of every employee and customer.

As organisations return to the workplace, it will be a phased process with employee and organisational safety at its core. The process will be different for everyone and will require organisations to be agile and proactive. As a result, organisations need to maximise resources by quickly making data-driven decisions when it matters most to maintain safe work environments. By adapting business workflows and processes to changing needs, organisations can save time and money by reducing risk and streamlining their workplace reopening process.

To help organisations safely prepare for a return to physical workplaces and help to ensure the health and safety of employees, Microsoft has created four new Return to the Workplace solutions that are built on the Power Platform. Designed for fast deployment and easy customisation, the end-to-end solutions provide location readiness and safety tools for facility managers, self-service health and safety tools for employees, and case management tools for health and safety leaders.

Location Readiness solution

The Location Readiness solution allows facility managers and task force leaders to determine the readiness of their facilities and efficiently manage their safe reopening by making informed decisions using critical factors like Covid-19 infection rates and safety supply availability.

return to the workplace power platform

Employee Return to the Workplace solution

The Employee Return to the Workplace solution empowers your workforce with self-service tools that help them work safely, confidently, and productively, including a mobile app that lets them check in to work remotely and self-screen before entering facilities.

Facility Safety Management solution

The Facility Safety Management solution gives facility managers a detailed view of the completeness of readiness factors to efficiently manage their safe reopening.

Workplace Care Management solution

The Workplace Care Management solution helps organisations to actively manage Covid-19 cases, identify hot spots for safety improvement, and import data from other systems to aid in case management. Dashboards enable monitoring of all solution data.

return to the workplace power platform

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If you require support in preparing for a return to the workplace, register today for our Return to the Workplace Digital Event, where we will delve into how the Power Platform solutions work and how to get up and running quickly. Alternatively, visit our business continuity hub to access a wide range of resources.