Reduce paper processes with the Power Platform

Many organisations, large and small, still use a multitude of paper-based systems and processes to perform their tasks. Whether it is job sheets or expenses reporting, in a post-coronavirus world, a manual process poses a significant risk to workers passing paper around offices, and a barrier to those working remotely.

Additionally, many organisations will be operating with limited teams, having fewer employees to run key processes. These organisations will be looking for ways to boost productivity and do more with less.

By implementing simple, manageable and automated digital processes with the Power Platform, you can reduce the reliance on paper processes.

Furthermore, automating the manual intensive rule-based processes can help reduce the burden on the available staff and they can be reassigned for more strategic and value-add activities.

So, how can you reduce paper-based processes and lean on automation to improve efficiencies and productivity with a reduced team? The answer is Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate. Two of Microsoft’s Power Platform solutions.

Microsoft Power Apps

The Microsoft Power Platform consists of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents.

It provides all the tools to digitise your organisation, from creating simple forms and apps to automating approval routes and providing useful, focused data representations to help you improve and streamline your processes.

Leveraging Microsoft Power Apps is a smart way to quickly boost workers productivity. Power Apps is a no-code way of building and designing business applications to meet the unique needs of organisations. This encourages the production of mobile and desktop applications to reduce manual processes. Additionally, Power Apps enables organisations to securely build, share and connect these apps to external sources within minutes.

Using Power Apps, your organisation will gain the ability to easily coordinate business processes in a contactless manner.

reduce paper processes with the Power Platform

Microsoft Power Automate

Intelligent automation can enable smooth functioning of key processes with reduced team sizes and give a much-needed boost to productivity levels. Power Automate is designed to automate and integrate business processes. Tasks that are otherwise manual, paper-based and repetitive are automated leading to faster, more efficient processes.

Power Automate provides a robust workflow engine to route data, form submissions or content for review or approval, update additional data sources or manage content to automate existing manual, repeatable processes.

reduce paper processes with the power platform

Automating processes in Power Automate enables you to remove the need for multiple hard copy signatures, print and sign processes and multiple user handling of paper.

Power Apps and Power Automate quickly digitise and automate your processes to get rid of paper and manual processes for good, meaning your staff can interact with your data from wherever they are and your audit trails remain robust and reportable.

To find out more about creating automated, paperless processes explore our new Digital Workplace of the Future guide, which delves into the digital technologies, including Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace solutions, that will enable your employees to work collaboratively and safely, whether in the workplace or at home.