Incremental Group is involved in many initiatives aimed at encouraging young people into technology careers. We proudly support the Digital Xtra Fund as well as a number of other STEM initiatives.

As part of our commitment to getting the next generation excited by science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Incremental is running a competition exclusively for your little ones – your Iclementalists!

Suitable for kids of all school ages (primary and secondary), our app builder competition will put your problem solving, logic and creative minds to work. For early years children, questions can be completed by an adult assistant or older sibling. There is also a printable version for those who would prefer to hand write their answers.

What is the competition all about?

Do you love using apps on your phone or computer? Do you like making TikTok videos or do you prefer playing Pokémon GO or talking to Alexa?

Have you ever had an idea for a new app? If you could, what app would you build?

Tell us all about your app idea for your chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher and a mockup of your app!

How do I win?

The successful app builder winner will have demonstrated that they have used their problem-solving abilities to creatively come up with their app idea.

We want you to think of a problem, task or activity and how you can solve it with an app. Be creative, think differently and most of all, have fun!

For older children (secondary plus), we are looking for more detail on your app. For younger participants, we are excited to hear your ideas and see your creative skills. You can skip any questions you can’t answer.

How do I take part?

Watch our tutorials below to learn more about apps.

Once you are ready, complete our online competition form (or complete the printable version) telling us all about your app. An adult or older sibling can help you fill it out!

Submit your entry before 30th August 2020 for your chance to win!

What are apps and why do we use them?


Essentially, apps help you to do something, such as find information, learn a new skill, complete a task or just to have fun!

For example:

  • I want to order a takeaway
  • I want to learn Spanish
  • I want to record a fun video
  • I want to play a game
  • I want to order a taxi
  • I want to send my friend a message.

Do you use any of the apps you see in the image below?

image of a phone showing different apps

How are apps built?

At Incremental Group we use Microsoft Power Apps to build apps for our customers. Power Apps allow people who aren’t technical (like coders or developers) to easily build apps they have ideas for.

Find out how Samit Saini from Heathrow Airport turned his idea into an app to help the company he worked for.

If you’d like to see Power Apps actually building an app click here for an extra tutorial.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you designed your own app like Samit in the video above? Well now is your chance!

Enter the competition


Enter now

The (now extended) deadline for competition entries is the 30th September 2020 and our winner will be contacted after this date.

We would love to see you working on your apps on social media with the hashtags #Iclementalists and #IncrementalAppBuilder. Tweet us @inc_group_uk or tag us on Facebook or LinkedIn. Our favourite post will win a prize!

Good luck!