Power Apps examples

Microsoft Power Apps enables organisations to rapidly solve business problems through the creation of low-code or no-code applications, created in a matter of hours. If you are looking for Power Apps examples, then this article will give you some inspiration for designing and building your next Power App.

The popularity of Power Apps continues to grow. Their ease of use and speed at which non-coders can create an app for their business is revolutionary. According to Microsoft, 86% of the Fortune 500 are now using Power Apps along with thousands of other organisations. Furthermore, 500 million new apps will be built in the next 5 years – more than all apps built in the last 40 years.

Power Apps are generally created as role-based applications that collate different workflows and tasks in one place for teams within your organisation. Alternatively, you can create separate applications per task where you offer employees a suite of applications they can access.

Power Apps examples – automate processes and boost productivity

Supplier mobile Power App

Provide purchasing managers with supplier information when they are visiting suppliers, get access to current costs, delivery times and supplier information on the go.

Production orders Power App

Build an application for your shop floor, to create a production order after receipt of a sales order. Give employees the ability to check stock levels on the go, create pick lists and reports that feed directly into Dynamics 365.

Project accounting and timesheets Power App

Allow employees to enter time directly against a project and build this into the project accounting module in Dynamics 365.

Onboarding Power App

Schedule workflows with predefined steps every time someone joins your organisation. Combine tasks from IT and HR to make sure they have all the access, equipment and training they need straight away.

At Incremental, we use an employee-facing app for new joiners to provide them with all the information they need from day one.

Holiday management Power App

Allow people to request holidays, see their holiday allowance and approve any holiday requests from their team.

Safety and compliance Power App

Build an application that contains all health and safety checklists and procedures your organisation needs. Provide a simple way to record that all health and safety processes have been followed – providing a simple audit trail.

Internal IT Power App

Order new devices, refresh your IT assets or raise a support ticket with an application designed to interact with your internal IT team.

Inventory tracking Power App

For those in manufacturing or the supply chain, create the capability to review, adjust and monitor materials on the go, ensuring inventory levels are accurate and optimised at all times.

Production capacity Power App

View a list of resources, search and filter to select a specific resource and view its total, reserved and remaining capacity information.

How is Incremental helping customers transform processes with Power Apps?

Incremental is helping our customers to build Power Apps that are improving efficiencies by transforming manual, repetitive tasks into automated ones. We recently created a Power App for Scottish Wildlife Trust to transform the way they capture events data, reducing their reporting times from one day to a matter of minutes.

Are you interested in creating Power Apps for your organisation or in developing a wider end-to-end digital solution that combines Power Platform applications? Explore our guide, which gives real-life examples of end-to-end digital solutions created using Power Platform applications.