Business continuity plan

Organisations around the globe are continuing to react to Covid-19. Whether enabling long-term remote working capabilities or responding to lockdown measures easing and enabling social distancing in the workplace, everyone is having to keep on top of adapting circumstances to ensure business continuity.

Over the last 9 weeks, Incremental been helping our customers shape their business continuity plans. From webinars on remote working to sharing our CEO’s perspective on the ongoing crisis, we have released a whole host of resources to assist you, your people and your customers during this time.

In case you have missed anything, here is a roundup of our resources which will assist you in shaping your business continuity plan.

Microsoft Teams

Coronavirus created a huge surge in remote working and the demand for tools to enable collaborative working from home. To give some perspective around the increase in remote working, Microsoft revealed that during lockdown, 2.7 billion calling minutes were made during just one day via Teams.

Few organisations’ business continuity plans have made them fully prepared for large-scale remote working. You are not alone if you have had a lot of questions. Read our Teams FAQs and find out the answers to all the frequently asked questions we are receiving about Microsoft Teams during lockdown.

If you are already using Teams discover our Online Teams Training to ensure you are making full use of the system.

If your business isn’t yet equipped for remote meetings, watch our webinar and find out how your organisation can quickly adopt remote working practices with Microsoft Teams.

Remote working top tips

From helping to ease the psychological impact of lockdown, to providing the right equipment and systems, hear from Incremental’s CEO Neil Logan as he shares his thoughts and advice on responding to lockdown – read his article here.

For those who are parents and are working from home with their children in tow, read our tips on juggling home working with kids. This article also helps People and HR teams as they shape business continuity plans to allow for and support their people who are facing challenging circumstances.

Employee communication

It is a given that communication from leadership is critical during this difficult time and this should be a key aspect of your business continuity plan. In these uncertain times, when people are working from home, it is easy for them to become isolated, especially with many employees across the country furloughed. It is critical that organisations communicate with their people as often as possible – much more so than in normal times.

Read Incremental’s People Director, Linda McAulay’s article to learn how Incremental has developed key strategies, based on our core values, to ensure effective and appropriate employee communication during coronavirus.

The customer experience

While looking after your people must come first, it is important that your customers are included in your business continuity plan. It is critical that your customer service experience remains positive, especially if you are seeing an influx of customer queries as a result of Covid-19.

For many organisations, the resources that have been relied on for many years for effective customer service, such as telephone lines manned by customer service agents, have come under immense strain and no longer support effective customer service.

To support our customers who are experiencing this and shaping their business continuity plans to respond, we are hosting a Proactive Customer Service Live Event on the 17th June. This event will explain how new channels, automation and AI can enable you to do more with the resources you currently have.

Optimising processes

For organisations who are perhaps on the opposite side of seeing a spike in the volume of work or customer enquiries, now is the perfect time to look at the optimisation of your business processes. Access our recent guide – Powerful alone, transformational together – to discover how Incremental is helping its customers digitally transform and automate manual processes to improve operational efficiencies and make every day working more productive.

To stay up to date with all our business continuity resources, visit our business continuity hub, which is regularly updated with helpful resources and information as it becomes available. If you need more urgent or bespoke support, please get in touch today.