The last few weeks have been anything but normal, both professionally and personally. However, from a business perspective, Covid-19 has presented many unfamiliar challenges, challenges that no one had planned for and challenges that required a different tack.

Although we have endured other uncertain economic times, most recently Brexit, Covid-19 is on an unprecedented level and throws up many interesting and difficult questions. What will our market look like after we come out of lockdown? What will the short, medium and long-term effects be on our organisation and our operating model? When will our Incrementalists be able to return to our offices or will remote working become our new norm? Will customers continue to pay us?

In reality, we just cannot answer many of these questions at this time. So instead of planning for and kicking off our new financial year in April with all these questions answered, the priority quickly moved to a focus on cash optimisation, scenario planning, short-term forecasting and shaping internal and external communication plans.

All these actions have been taken to strengthen Incremental’s financial position so that we can protect our Incrementalists and allow us to continue delivering for our customers, while also preparing and positioning the business to succeed post lockdown as conditions improve. Below are some of the steps I have taken to help Incremental survive, stabilise and prepare for the longer-term, post lockdown strategy.

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