Transform the employee experience

How HR departments manage their employees’ physical and mental wellbeing has never been more under the spotlight.

The impact of Covid-19 on employees’ personal and work lives is leading to anxiety, frustration and burnout. For employees in many organisations, this is a time of great uncertainty. COVID-19 is changing the way people work, with travel bans, reduced staff numbers, remote work and social distancing becoming the new norms.

These new, and sometimes unsettling changes, can affect an employees work, productivity and engagement levels – influencing an organisation’s ability to survive in these difficult times. HR teams must look at ways to transform the employee’s experience to keep people engaged, productive and motivated in these uncertain times.

Transforming the employee experience is about more than supporting your employees on a personal basis. It is about providing your employees with a working environment that naturally encourages productivity and learning. It is about empowering people with self-service tools that empower them to access the information they require.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources, formerly Dynamics 365 Talent, is packed with capabilities that help HR leaders transform the employee experience by:

  • Fostering employee connections with rich employee profiles that include career accomplishments, skills, certifications and interests.
  • Providing employees self-service capability to manage their profile updates, training and development, performance-tracking, goal setting and time-off requests.
  • Empowering managers with team performance details, feedback and business process automation for routine tasks. This helps managers to optimise team impact and address any immediate concerns.
  • Helping employees grow with training and certification tracking. Learning and development for furloughed employees is a great way to keep your people motivated during these difficult times. HR leaders can add

LinkedIn Learning, that offers online training courses and content taught by industry experts across the globe.

Below are some features in Dynamics 365 Human Resources that are aligned to transforming the employee experience. These capabilities help HR leaders to better understand how they are supporting their employees, to identify skills gaps for learning and development and to gain insights into employee feelings and sentiments.


Employee profiles
Give employees the self-serve ability to outline their skills, certifications, projects, and interests.


People card
The people card creates a directory of employees to simplify employee verification, leave and absence tracking and employee record update processes.
Employee self-service
Foster self-service by empowering employees with the ability to update their profile, training requirements, or respond to performance feedback.
Employee self-service
Gain visibility into compensation, leave and absence, performance goals, reviews, certifications status, skills assessments and skills gap analysis.
Create a more collaborative work environment by capturing employee sentiment using survey insights.


Time off requests and balances
Allow employees to easily submit requests for time off and view how much time they have accrued.
Benefits plans visibility
Benefits plans offer visibility into current benefits and access to open enrolment periods.
Employee development
Provide an embedded Power BI report to analyse employee skills and identify gaps for learning and development.
Competencies management
Allow employees to showcase skills across the organisation and give HR to visibility into skills gaps.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources allows for a more personal approach to people management. From empowering employees to manage their learning and development plans to enabling insight surveys to gauge feelings and sentiment – all of which are crucial elements in keeping employees engaged and motivated in tough times.

For further information, download our guide – Dynamics 365 Human Resources – which details all the key functionality of Dynamics 365 Human Resources that will help keep your employees informed, connected and supported. Alternatively, visit our business continuity hub for all our latest remote working support resources.