For the second year running, Scottish Summit, previously labelled D365 Saturday, came to Glasgow.

Scottish Summit is a free technical and strategy event organised by Microsoft MVP and Incremental Principal Consultant, Mark Christie, and Dynamics 365 CE Lead Functional Consultant at IJC Dynamics, Iain Connolly. The event brings together CRM, ERP and Power Platform enthusiasts across the world.

2019’s event brought together over 250 attendees. 2020’s numbers rose to a massive 750 attendees, marking the growing interest in technology and the increasing demand for Microsoft products and services in the region.

Incremental Group was delighted to support Scottish Summit as a VIP sponsor. As a free technology community event, Scottish Summit relies on the support of its sponsors to host an event of this scale. As part of its commitment to both STEM initiatives and the technology community in Glasgow, Incremental was delighted to support Scottish Summit once again.

Incremental Scottish Summit team

Headlining the event was keynote speaker Jon Levesque of Microsoft, an evangelist and truly passionate user of the Power Platform. John discussed how he helps drive the Power Automate community, which has more than 250k monthly active users and also the Power Platform community with a staggering 1M monthly users.

The Incremental line-up

Also featuring, as part of the impressive line-up of speakers, were four Incrementalists hosting sessions on the capabilities and benefits across a range of Microsoft technology.

Michelle Baxter, Incremental’s Dynamics 365 ERP Consultant, presented on the new capabilities in Dynamics 365 Finance, showcasing how the project accounting feature streamlines entire projects helping you to plan, create, manage, control and complete projects for your organisation.

When asked about being chosen to be part of the speaker line-up at Scottish Summit Michelle said “It was a great honour to be part of the presenting team at Scottish Summit. This was the first time Dynamics 365 Finance was represented, and I was excited about the chance to share my passion for ERP and D365 Finance with the community.”

Dilyana Radoluva, Incremental’s Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Consultant, presented, ‘How to personalise your marketing’. Dilyana demonstrated the many options for engaging and communicating with your customers, or your employees, with customer journeys within Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Dilyana Radulova presenting ‘How to personalise your marketing’

‘3 ways to bring Power BI under source control’, was Incremental’s Senior Data Engineer and Microsoft MVP, Craig Porteous’s session. Craig’s audience learned how to track changes in Power BI and ways to bring their reports under source control, including how to automate the process using Microsoft Power Automate and PowerShell.

Incremental’s headline presentation came from Data & AI Director, Dr Adam Sroka. In his session, Adam ran through ‘Azure and Dynamics and AI, Oh My’, inspired by the Wizard of Oz and the power of the Microsoft stack for deep machine learning and AI.

Discussing his involvement with Scottish Summit, Dr Sroka said “It was a pleasure to speak at Scottish Summit on behalf of Incremental. The buzz this event has brought to Glasgow two years in a row is a testament to the Microsoft community we have here in the UK.”

After-party entertainment

Incremental was also delighted to host the official Scottish Summit after-party at our Glasgow office, just around the corner from Scottish Summit.  With the support of a Dynamics pub quiz, a DJ and beer, wine and pizza, the 100 plus partygoers had a blast. Congratulations to the pub quiz winners and Incremental prize winners.

Dynamics quiz in full swing

Summit Scotland event organiser and fellow Incrementalist, Mark Christie, said, “I’m thrilled that Incremental was a VIP sponsor again this year. It was great to have them on-board, and their after party was a huge success, with over 100 people there, all taking part in the Dynamics quiz! As an Incrementalist, I’m delighted they stand behind key technology events and in supporting community events like Scottish Summit.”

Stay tuned for Scottish Summit 2021! Based on this year it looks set to, once again, be one of the biggest technology community events in the world.