Migrate Windows Server 2008 to Azure

The 14th January 2020, marked the end of extended support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2. For users of Windows Server 2008/R2, this is the end of regular security updates. Not having access to regular updates creates risks and vulnerabilities.

Running end-of-life infrastructure and applications is a considerable risk. Cybersecurity attacks are on the increase. Research has shown that most organisations would struggle to remain operational in the event of a cyber incident and technology outages have also increased by 187% in the past year alone. Cyber-attacks have also increased at an unprecedented level.

End-of-support can be viewed as an opportunity to rethink your current approach to technology. It offers a chance to reassess directions and weigh up options. With the right strategies, organisations can make sure they are protected, that their infrastructure is secure and that their technology stack is future-driven.

Could a move to Azure be an option? If you want to make sure your organisation is protected from cybersecurity attacks then, yes.

Here are 3 reasons to migrate Windows Server 2008/R2 to Azure.

Maintain security and compliance

Gain the benefit of critical security updates to eliminate business interruptions and loss of data. Migrating your Windows Server 2008/R2 to Azure enables you to strengthen your security posture and consistently meet compliance requirements. Azure contains industry-leading security measures and privacy policies to safeguard data in the cloud, including the categories of personal data identified by the GDPR.

Save money

Eliminate capital investment with Azure, by utilising Microsoft’s security, redundancy and disaster recovery for your IT systems, without the expense of secondary infrastructure. Save with free extended security updates, Azure Hybrid Benefit, and optimised infrastructure. For example, organisations can save £61,480 over 5 years moving on-premises Window Server 2008/R2 to Azure. See our Windows Server 2008/R2 out-of-support guide for more TCO savings.

Embrace innovation to modernise applications

Grow your environments with data, analytics and the cloud. Innovate quickly and efficiently while minimising up-front costs. As you migrate, you can embrace the innovation available in Azure to modernise your applications. You can focus on business innovation with fully-managed services such as Azure SQL Database, Azure App Service and Azure IaaS.

Mitigate the risks of end-of-support and get three more years of security updates by moving to Azure

If you migrate to Azure, you gain the benefit of three more years of security updates. If you are a Software Assurance license customer (included in the volume licensing programme), you can leverage Hybrid Benefits and save up to 80% costs.

We have created a guide End of Support for Windows Server 2008/R2: How to use end-of-support as an opportunity to transform and move to the cloud, to give you all the information you need on migrating Windows 2008/R2 to Azure.