To excel in today’s competitive landscape, businesses need to be able to build meaningful and personalised customer relationships.

Doing so is often easier said than done, as the ability to intelligently personalise experiences at scale requires a single and complete view of all your customers.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is allowing organisations to build a deep understanding of their customers by unifying disparate customer data from various transactional, behavioural and observational sources to create one 360-degree view of customers.

Having a single and complete view of your customer data enables you to derive deep insights such as spotting trends, predicting customer decisions as well as better understanding your weaknesses and strengths. These insights can then be used to shape and drive forward customer-centric experiences and processes.

Customer Insights enables every organisation to unify and understand their customer or stakeholder data and harness it for intelligent insights and actions. Discover just some of the benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Eliminate data silos and unify customer data

Customer Insights enables you to easily connect and unify your data. Utilising the solution’s several prebuilt connectors, organisations can pull together various data sources and silos. Through the use of AI and machine learning (ML) driven recommendations, your customer data can be cleaned up and easily put into one common format which conforms with the Common Data Model.

Drive better business processes and personalised customer journeys

Power personalised engagement with all your customers across all the channels which you use engage with your customers. Customer Insights empowers your marketing, sales and customer service professionals with out-of-the-box, contextual customer insights and tailored customer profile cards. These tools can be easily incorporated into their everyday work.

Extend further with the wider Microsoft platform

Customer Insights can be used as a standalone product or extended further with the wider Microsoft stack. With the Power Platform, organisations can enable and extend line-of-business experiences and quickly build custom business apps with embedded customer insights.

In terms of the benefits for specific users, Customer Insights provides a wide range of capabilities for the various users across your organisations.

Business users

  • Insights into 360-degree customer profiles and end-to-end views of the customer journey.
  • View 360-degree customer data within Dynamics 365 business processes with prebuilt packages.

Data analysts/data admins

  • Access to a rich collection of Microsoft Power Platform connectors to bring together all your customer data.
  • Ability to unify customer data and transform it into the Common Data Model.
  • Enrich customer information with insights from audience intelligence contained within Microsoft Graph, such as brand affinity and interests.
  • “Clicks-not-code” configuration and debugging experience to help easily configure Customer Insights and identify potential issues.
  • Cleanse and standardise all your customer data across disparate sources with AI-powered recommendations.

Business analysts

  • Build customisable profiles, define measures and create segments to get a 360-degree view of your organisation’s customers.
  • Use out-of-box connectors for Power Apps or Microsoft Power BI or REST API to surface customer insights in your business applications or BI solutions.

To see Customer Insights live in action, register for our webinar “What is Customer Insights?” and find out how to transform your customer experience.