Incremental Group held their own version of Microsoft’s Ignite conference across their offices.

Ignite is Microsoft’s annual conference for developers and IT professionals, designed to showcase the latest updates in technology that Microsoft have made. With over 10,000 hours of content produced, there is certainly plenty to get excited about.

We know that all of our Incrementalists have a keen interest in the learnings coming out of Ignite each year, and for that reason we decided to hold our own version across our offices to make sure everyone had the time to watch the recordings and discuss the outcomes with their peers. Incremental’s Technology Director Andy McGoldrick set up two learning paths for employees to attend, with one path focusing on the latest developments for Dynamics and the other on the Intelligent Cloud.

These two paths enabled Incrementalists from all areas of the business to tune in to the developments coming out of Ignite and discuss what they mean not only for Incremental but for our customers. By taking this time to learn, connect and explore, our digital technologists are staying up to date with the latest Microsoft technology and are better placed to support our customers through their digital transformation.

Incremental regularly holds ‘Incremental Days’, and this month’s was Ignite themed. Incremental Days are days held in the offices, with interactive sessions on various topics delivered by our very own Incrementalists, designed to help inform and inspire. On these days, Incrementalists are expected to come into the office to benefit from these and enjoy a day of learning and interacting as a business. The day didn’t end when the sessions did however – Senior Project Manager Ken Starbuck hosted an Incremental Pub Quiz using Microsoft Teams and Forms. With a mix of general knowledge and technical questions, our Incrementalists battled it out in teams to be crowned champions, with a few refreshments along the way.

Continuing Incremental’s close relationship with Microsoft, Incremental’s Dynamics Principal Consultant and Microsoft MVP Mark Christie will be speaking at Ignite The Tour in Tel Aviv, Berlin and Stockholm when it begins in May 2020.


Incremental Ignite