What is a modern connected workplace?

A modern connected workplace is a target that every organisation should have, it is about empowering your employees with the tools they need to successfully communicate, collaborate and be effective in their roles in a modern business environment.

When looking to create a modern connected workplace, organisations need to consider how they will digitally transform to achieve it. All good transformation projects are based around people. Technology and digital transformation should be rooted in a philosophy of people transformation to be truly successful. This is the purpose of creating a modern connected workplace, it is not simply a nice to have, there are a number of themes and challenges facing organisations and how they tackle them will impact their ability to compete, recruit and ultimately survive.


Themes driving the need for a modern connected workplace

As the world changes, we are seeing a number of themes emerging that are driving the need for a modern connected workplace:

  • Employees are dispersed across the world
  • Flexible working and home working is becoming the norm, dispersing employees further
  • Digital first approaches are starting to be embraced by organisations
  • The need to drive efficiencies and opportunities with technology or risk being left behind
  • Disruption of almost every industry from digital tech


Challenges around a modern connected workplace

These themes bring a new set of challenges to an organisation. How an organisation deals with these new challenges will be critical to their success. Some of these challenges are:

  • How can everyone have a relationship with everyone else?
  • Ensuring decisions are made at the right time and place
  • Avoiding command and control and micromanaging, providing people with the ability to make decisions
  • Maintaining shared awareness
  • Enabling collaboration and communication

The best approach for an organisation that is facing these challenges is to identify and implement a technology strategy that provides you with the tools to address each of them. By doing this you are in practice creating a modern connected workplace.

Creating a modern connected workplace with Microsoft

Microsoft offers a vision of how a modern connected workplace can function, using intuitive cloud-based solutions that your users love allowing them to fulfil their potential anywhere on any device. Their solutions are embedded with intelligent technology and communication capability and harnessing the power of Microsoft Teams helps you collaborate across the globe easily. The range of cloud-based collaboration, productivity and business systems available across the suite in Office 365 and Dynamics 365 offer a market leading offering for a modern connected workplace.

Discover how to create a modern connected workplace with Microsoft technology in our guide, Taking Office 365 and Dynamics 365 further or our Digital Transformation guide.