For users of any ERP solution including Dynamics NAV, finding a better way to access, visualise and share important business insights hidden in your Dynamics NAV data is a key business objective. In this article we discuss the various options that are available to you.

When looking at your reporting requirements, the key is to understand which area you are looking to improve. Each solution will have different strengths and weaknesses and it all depends on your requirements. There are broadly 3 solutions available to you:

  1. Out-of-the-box reports – using the core capability available in Dynamics NAV.
  2. Jet Reports – Jet Reports creates a copy of your data and provides you with easy access to that data using the tools you are familiar with such as Excel.
  3. Power BI – connects directly to your data or to Jet Reports and provides real time visual dashboards and analysis.
Out-of-the-box Jet Reports Jet Analytics Power BI
Organisation requirements Standard managerial reports from a single company and data source

One-time reports using data dumps and pivot tables

Would prefer to have partner built reports inside Dynamics NAV

Real-time self-service reporting to create custom reports, in the format you want, from multiple data sources and companies

Schedule and automate reports for distribution

Mobile solution allowing version control, updated reports and secure access from anywhere

Quick BI customisation with drag and drop reporting functionality without the need to understand underlying data structure

Interactive dashboards using large or complex data models?

Instant KPIs using a turnkey, rapidly deployed Dynamics NAV or Business Central project

Clear management reporting easily across your organisation

Deeper analysis in a more visual way outside of Dynamics NAV

Quick and self-service BI model with users building their own reports

Pros Out-of-box included solution

Quick data dumps for one-time reports

Automated real time reporting

Full familiar power of Excel

Fully mobile solution

Self-service reporting

True business intelligence/analytics ETL solution built on software already owned (SQL & SSAS)

Instant metrics from predefined cubes

Drag-and-drop reporting requiring no programming knowledge

Strong visualisations

Simple and easy to use once the data model has been set up

Embedded with intelligent insights and artificial intelligence

Cons Expensive and limited customisation (single company only, etc.)

Manual reporting is antiquated, time consuming and error prone

Not included with Dynamics NAV

Requires training on Jet functions to for report designers

Not included with Dynamics NAV

Requires training to manage back end

Not included with Dynamics NAV

Not designed for looking at large volumes of transactional data


When deciding which solutions to implement, you should consider your individual requirements and remember that for many organisations a blended approach to your reporting is likely to be the best answer.


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