Microsoft has announced that their new AI solution, Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service, will be generally available from 5th April 2019.

AI for Customer Service is part of a new series of applications focusing on providing useful artificial intelligence (AI). There are now 3 dedicated AI applications AI for Customer Service, AI for Sales and AI for Market Insight.

Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service focuses on digitally transforming customer care at scale through the power of AI. Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service Insights gives you an actionable view into critical performance metrics, operational data and emerging trends for your customer service organisation. Built-in dashboards, interactive charts and visual filters provide insights into your support operations across multiple channels, automatically highlighting areas for improvement with the greatest impact on customer satisfaction levels.

AI for Customer Service Insights uses AI technology to detect emerging support topics as they arise, allowing you to proactively deliver better customer service experiences. The AI-driven technology enables targeted actions to improve resolution rates, reduce wait times, and decrease customer service costs.

AI for Customer Services enables you to better anticipate the needs of your customers and improve performance with case trends and contact centre health analysis.

  • Predictive analytics help you identify and respond to current and emerging trends proactively.
  • Better insight into resolution rates and customer wait times allows you to tackle the biggest challenges head on.
  • Improve operational efficiency – through out-of-the box dashboards you can easily identify opportunities for improvement across channels.
  • AI for Customer Service uses natural language interfaces to understand calls and cases and groups issues on the same topic to provide you a single list of popular topics.

AI Powered Dashboards

One of the most powerful tools within AI for Customer Service is the out of the box dashboards. For contact centre or case managers this is an invaluable set of tools where you can see recent cases, popular topics, trending topics and more. It provides you an idea of volume, volume change, new cases and the average resolve time/rate. This can be used to identify blockers/challenges and target your internal teams to go and drive better results in the areas where the biggest impact can be felt.

See Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service in action


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