Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is Microsoft’s leading ERP solution. It builds on its predecessor, Dynamics AX’s strong manufacturing capability. Dynamics 365 offers a range of core functionality that supports manufacturers however the way the platform offers data and automation services across the operation is how it really drives value.

Manage production based on demand and forecasting. View real-time work-in-progress (WIP) to avoid potential cost overruns or delays. Specialised Role Centres enhance process efficiencies to help organise information, tools and tasks in a personalised view format offering a streamlined workflow environment.

Dynamics 365 offers more than just the core capabilities needed to run your manufacturing, it offers you the ability to build an informed and agile production process.

Optimise supply chain operations through better visibility and collaboration – By collecting, integrating and visualising global supply chain data worldwide, manufacturers can gain better visibility into their operations from production to sales.

Streamline the management of assets, products and production – With a consolidated view that unifies process oversight and provides real-time insight, manufacturers can institutionalise efficiency gains and use connected devices to monitor and resolve issues remotely.

Engage customers in powerful new ways – To deliver personalised and contextual engagement across any channel, manufacturers must provide customers with more visibility and build trust through fast and convenient responses. This engagement approach is built on a combination of predictive analytics – the ability to deliver value-added services at scale and guided or self-directed service that’s relevant to customer needs.

With the implementation of a connected platform for sales through service, a leading home technology manufacturer not only solved potential problems remotely before customers ever felt the impact, but provided custom differentiated offerings based on unique customer usage and purchasing history.

Transform service centres into profit centres – Thanks to the ever-decreasing cost of IoT sensors, sophisticated mobile devices and cloud-based data aggregation, manufacturers can now improve service quality and margins by offering remote monitoring and proactive maintenance services that supplement break/fix support. By more intelligently coordinating technicians equipped with mobile and virtual reality tools, companies can leverage existing expertise and minimise costly engagements.

Accelerate innovation for a competitive edge – The best way for manufacturers to pursue innovation is to understand their business more deeply – from customer usage through to supply chain sourcing and production. With IoT-enabled parts, assets and products, manufacturers can gain the insights needed to innovate. Data from connected products and equipment can empower developers, engineers and technicians to collaborate.

For example, teams are able to identify overengineered or faulty components and track product usage in the field to improve future designs. When a leading information and communication technology company implemented remote monitoring, they decreased time to production as well as accelerated the cycle of innovation using a data-driven approach.

Empower employees to work more effectively –When a company can provide 360-degree views of customer assets and work order history, technicians are empowered by a better understanding of not only the job in front of them, but of other similar and successful field service engagements. This goes hand in hand with empowering service agents to provide instant feedback, using machine learning to find similar cases for troubleshooting and scheduling a visit or evaluation.

A leading auto-manufacturer wanted to reduce costs by unifying their siloed customer service and customer engagement functions while providing employees with better tools to understand customer sentiment. To accomplish this, the organisation implemented a system to connect production and project management with their customer relationship management systems to deliver personalised service and tailored recommendations to their customers.


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