Putting your customers first is now a widely accepted business principle and it all starts with your customer service department. Having a call centre that is designed around your customers is the first step to achieving this.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is Microsoft’s call centre and case management solution. Built on the Customer Engagement platform, it is one of the role-based CRM solutions that Microsoft offers from Dynamics 365. It combines your typical CRM with case management capability. With customer expectations rising, customers want, quick, relevant answers on any channel, even on the go. Through automation and intelligence, you can deliver a faster, more personalised service and add value to every customer interaction. This comes with the ability to create business flows for any demand your team might be servicing, each step is clearly documented with instructions and relevant information with SLA’s to keep your customer first.

Building the business case

Investing in a new case management solution for your Customer Service team can be a big step but the potential rewards and cost savings are huge. The business case for investing in a new Customer Service solution is built on improving 6 key areas:

  • Productivity gains for call centre agents – contact centre staff become 5-15% more efficient with better tools and immediate access, via a single interface, to knowledge of the customer aggregated from core customer service applications, and extended data sources and applications that were not previously accessible via their legacy customer service tools.
  • Increased employee retention – it is proven that employees with better tools and processes enjoy their job more, feel empowered and are generally more engaged. This ultimately results in improved retention.
  • Reduced onboarding and training costs – a simple and intuitive system with several learning and training options reduces training time (see our article on learning path).
  • Improved sales – better customer service, targeted messages and clearer processes will lead you to drive more sales from your customer service team.
  • Incremental output from IT staff – reduce time fixing and updating your legacy system and move focus towards improving your processes and adding new capability.
  • Legacy system cost saving – replace all the hosting, maintenance and license costs with one simple monthly subscription.

An example

Say your business has 20 call centre agents, paid on average £20,000 and you expect to hire 2 new agents per year, with 2 IT people responsible for looking after the system. You have 50,000 customers and you make around £1,000 in revenue per customer with a 20% margin.

With Dynamics 365 for customer service, in this example you could expect  a payback period of 15 months and an ROI in the first 3 years of 132%.

How much does your business benefit?

Discover how much your business could benefit from Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, using the Microsoft calculator in collaboration with Forrester. The calculator is completely based on interviews with businesses that have transitioned to Dynamics 365 for Customer Service and the underlying data driving their ROI.