Commitment to digital skills, diversity, apprenticeships and AI for good

Incremental is proud to be a Microsoft partner and to have worked closely with Microsoft for over 20 years.  Microsoft is working with their partner network and customers to make technology more accessible and find more ways to make technology a force for good in society.  To drive this they have launched the Microsoft Partner pledge with 4 goals to improve; digital skills, diversity, apprenticeships and ensure ethical AI in the technology industry.  These align with Incremental’s beliefs and initiatives and as a result we are proud to be one of the first UK partners to sign the pledge.

What is the pledge?

Microsoft has been a part of the UK for nearly 40 years and throughout that time they have helped the UK prepare for the challenges of the future.  As a result, they have witnessed the impact of powerfully transformative technologies such as AI, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Mixed Reality.

While Microsoft remains optimistic about the role of technology and the benefits it represents for society in general, they are equally mindful of the consequences of large-scale change associated with industrial revolutions like the one we are seeing now.  Consequently, Microsoft believes that the nations which will thrive in this new world will not just be the ones that adopt such technologies in a deep and ethical way but those in which everyone possesses the right skills and opportunity to make the most of what’s ahead.

Like others, Microsoft shares the view that the UK is facing a skills crisis.  We do not have enough people entering the workforce with the right technical and digital skills, and furthermore, we need more diversity among those who are building our future.  While this issue is much broader than gender alone, Microsoft are passionate about encouraging more girls and young women to consider a career in the technology industry. In order to build this future, our industry must better reflect the people we aim to serve.  And lastly, we need to adopt a culture of lifelong learning in the UK.

As an organisation that has worked closely with Microsoft for a long time, we share their technology vision and a belief that technology can play an important role in improving society. That’s why we signed up to the Partner Pledge which focuses on these critical goals:

  1. Digital Skills
    Helping the UK prepare for the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through Microsoft’s Digital Skills programme. Find out more about our partnership with Digital Xtra Fund.
  2. Apprenticeships
    Joining Microsoft’s efforts to create more apprenticeships in the UK
  3. Diversity
    Improving the diversity of the UK technology workforce through the Tech Talent Charter. Find out more about why diversity is important to us.
  4. Responsible & Ethical AI
    Ensuring Artificial Intelligence is developed and implemented in responsible and ethical ways, as we set out in AI for good and Future Computed


To find out more about the different initiatives we are running to help achieve the digital skills, apprenticeships and diversity goals, visit our careers page today.