Turning your organisation into a digital business is one of the many objectives of digital transformation. It allows you to use technology to modernise your offering, drive efficiencies across your operations and better manage relationships with your customers. It allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition, the business that better embraces technology is the business set up to win. When planning digital transformation you need to create a strategic plan to help you identify and deploy the technology that moves you closest to your goals.

Disrupt or Respond

Each market sector has a disrupter in its midst. If you’re the market leader you need to think about your response and if you’re the disrupter then you need to think about what you’re going to do that’s even better to take market share.

Either way you need solid foundations and a strategic view to enable you to accelerate quickly. Deploying appropriate technology provides the ability to get you there efficiently and effectively. As one option, Microsoft Cloud gives you an agile, flexible and seamless access to critical data, providing a roadmap to support your transformation journey.

What is clear is that CEOs believe technology will transform their business more than any other global trend, technology is the next industrial revolution, providing the catalyst for new business models, products, services and customer experiences.

Time to re-engineer

Digital transformation is not just about getting the technology right; you are effectively re-engineering processes and changing the way people work, from your staff and customers through to your partners. It means assessing how you structure roles and responsibilities around data ownership and process.

At Incremental, we’re experienced at putting solid foundations in place and helping you manage expectations around your new challenges.  Often our customers have a foot in both camps – legacy systems and new technologies. In anticipation of growth, we help them optimise their business processes through user experience.  Through working with clients, we help them focus on what’s most important to them which is normally having a single customer view, we know that the digital platform is only one piece of the jigsaw.

One of our Finance sector clients recognised the key to the success of their strategy was the delivery of a single customer view, bringing together the new digital business with the legacy operation. Together we collaborated on a roadmap that would enable them to transform the organisation into a customer centric one.

3 things to consider

Enable the change

Assess your current situation and focus on where you want to get to. Be sensible about how you are going to get there and establish the key building blocks.

Foster a culture of change

Make sure everyone understands there’s a need for change and understands their role. Manage expectations and promote an ethos of mutual support.

Get inspired

Consider how Microsoft Cloud could give you the tools and flexibility to respond to change. Whether you’re implementing a new solution or extending your existing one, we can guide you through this complex process and give you the advantage of our long-standing expertise. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your business and help you see the art of the possible and where change could bring you real value.

For Microsoft Cloud the main business requirement is having an internet connection.  This means there are almost no restrictions on how quickly you can scale up your capability and access new tools and resources, it really is just the push of a button.