Having a good data governance ethos across your organisation will create an accountability framework that encourages compliant behaviour. This will have a positive impact on the overall culture of your business, where your teams take ownership of how data is stored, used and monitored. Your business data could be considered your most important corporate asset, however it’s not always given the attention it deserves. Focusing on governance may seem like overkill with more urgent business matters inevitably taking priority.

Data governance is more than just CRM

Whatever CRM processes you have in place and however diligent your employees, without strong data governance embedded into your corporate culture it is unlikely that you will fulfil your business growth ambitions. Regulatory pressures on compliance are a constant challenge and GDPR means data quality and control procedures need to be in place. These initiatives need to come from the top.

It’s essential to create the right culture and empower your teams to take ownership of data, ensuring your business growth is managed and driven in the right direction.

Ensure executive sponsorship and good leadership

If you want to be a growth company with compliant data governance then you need to set the right example. This comes from the top of your organisation and involves selecting the right data sponsors, owners and participants. Strong leadership is the first step, but embedding data accountability needs delegation of responsibility roles where employees have a clear vision of data quality and ownership and the subsequent benefits they bring to the organisation.

You need to make the right people accountable and have confidence that you can make informed decisions as a result of good data process and integrity. This will give you the assurance that correct processes are being maintained, regulations are being adhered to and your data is secure. Your most important asset needs to have the right team managing it, ensuring that it provides the platform to help grow the business.

Trust your teams and let them manage and protect your data.

Benefits of having good data governance

  • Protects your company’s greatest asset
  • Ensures you are commercially compliant
  • Improves control and decision making capabilities
  • Provides business confidence in the data you have
  • Empowers your team to be more committed and trusted
  • Provides a trusted data platform to develop and grow your business

Investing the time to get data governance right helps drive growth. Embedding data governance into your corporate culture and getting your employees to be accountable from the top down gives you confidence in your business development activities, knowing you are selling the right product and services to the right people and above all, increasing your chance of success.