Microsoft’s flagship offering is Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, in this article we explain the various license options available when looking to Microsoft for a CRM solution.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is essentially three modules of the same CRM tool designed for Sales, Customer Service or Marketing. All of the solutions sit on the Customer Engagement platform, using the same database and sharing a lot of the same functionality.

Customer Engagement Pricing

When it comes to licensing you can purchase the Customer Engagement package which gives access to Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. This package also gives you access to Project Service Automation and Field Service.

Alternatively, you can choose to simply purchase the solution you need, instead of the full package. However, for larger organisations, with more complex needs, the package is the stronger choice as it’s not much more expensive.

Customer Engagement pricing is based on a per user per month basis as it’s a cloud based subscription service. The only exception to this is Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement – £86.70

Dynamics 365 for Sales (enterprise) – £71.60

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service – £71.60

Dynamics 365 for Marketing –  from £565.60 per month

Dynamics 365 for Marketing licensing is based at an organisation level and the pricing is tiered depending on the number of contacts you have in your database, find out more here.

Team Member Pricing

You can also purchase team member licensing for employees that require limited access. Team member licensing is available but does require someone at your organisation to have a full license. This provides users with the ability to read and approve, run all reports and employee self-service.

Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional Pricing

Microsoft also offer a reduced version of Dynamics 365 for Sales called Sales Professional, this is for organisations with a very small sales function and minimal requirements for managing pipeline and growth.

The limitations of this solution are it cannot be customised as much as the enterprise version and it doesn’t come with the same level of intelligence and extra features but does offer everything you would expect from an online CRM.

Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional – £49

Microsoft Relationship Sales

There is also a package available that includes LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 for Sales, LinkedIn’s prospecting tool. Using their platform with 500+ million business users to prospect key people at a target organisation. This tool allows you to track organisational news, changes in key roles and integrate all this information into your CRM. To find out more about LinkedIn and Dynamics, read our article here.

Microsoft relationship Sales (Dynamics 365 for Sales + LinkedIn Sales Navigator) – £90.91


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