Most growth businesses, big or small are already using Office 365 for their core business processes and many also have efficient finance systems in place such as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. But most businesses are still not focused on their most prized asset – their data.

Your data is the foundation of your organisation. Managed well, data enables you to drive your customer relationships effectively and do business more efficiently. However, many growth businesses experience siloed and often repetitive data across a series of disparate spreadsheets and software solutions that have been built over a number of years of organic growth. Consolidating these pockets of data will help you capture new opportunities, protect this vital asset and platform your business for growth.

At some stage on your growth journey you are going to have to prioritise getting your data in order. With GDPR enforcement in play, it is now more important than ever to secure your customer data. When it’s under control and secured in one place, not only are you compliant but can provide access to the right people in the organisation, creating far more collaborative and efficient ways for your staff to work.

Getting your data in one place will move your business forward

Whether it’s customer, partner or supplier data, having it stored and managed in one place will be a significant factor in creating a more productive and successful business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications and an easy place to start. You might be surprised to hear that this flexible solution allows you to start small and grow with you. Because it is stored in the Microsoft Cloud, it comes with Microsoft-level compliance guarantees, giving you all the functionality and security you need.

With one source of truth, you’ll save valuable time by having all relevant information at your fingertips. For example, the ability to track email activity allows everyone involved in a particular customer relationship, from sales to accounts, to be on the same page with full transparency to all involved. Not only can you enjoy improved customer relationships, but conflicts can be avoided and cross selling opportunities highlighted.

Understanding your customers and the interactions you have with them will help focus your efforts in the right place, leveraging that important intelligence for the good of the business.

Using a platform such as Dynamics 365 will help reduce the administrative burden and maximise the efficiency of your existing workforce.

How Dynamics 365  can help support the growth of your business:

Start with what you need – Choose from modular applications that are designed to support your specific processes, internal roles and the industry you operate in. You will be equipped to overcome your initial data challenges and easily expand to run your entire business in the cloud.

Optimise productivity – You can enable greater productivity by seamlessly connecting your business process data with Office 365, surfacing it within familiar tools like Outlook, Excel and Power BI.

Adapt to change – Every business is different and Dynamics 365 gives you the ability to easily tailor, extend, connect and build applications using configuration tools. This allows you to meet your specific business needs as you grow.


It’s simple – don’t put off sorting out your data. Be accountable for it and manage it wisely. It is all too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of your business and let things slide.  If you already have Office 365 it’s a logical step to evolve with Dynamics 365, starting small and accelerating your journey of business growth. Whatever the next step, always take the time to consolidate and clean your data, ready for a fresh start.