The long awaited marketing application from Microsoft has arrived and it’s a good one!

This is fantastic news for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement users (including Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service) as it is built on the same platform as your CRM. This means full integration and seamless passing of leads, data and information between sales/service and marketing.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a completely new application that bears no resemblance to the previous marketing tool. It helps you put your customers first as everything is based around the idea of creating a customer journey, where you map out what happens to your customers at each stage.

With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you get all the functionality you need;

  1. Multichannel Campaigns (Email, landing pages, webinars)
  2. Lead Nurturing Campaigns (360-degree view, automated scoring, behaviour-based nurturing)
  3. Embedded Intelligence (Dynamic segmentation, Customer Insights, Multiple lead scoring)
  4. Event Management (Webinars, Events portal, Speaker management, attendance tracking)
  5. LinkedIn Integration (LinkedIn license required)

The look and feel for this application is great, it is extremely user friendly with built-in intelligence and customisable dashboards to give you everything you need at a glance. The view is personalised, includes performance information and lists your upcoming actions.

This solution is clearly placed to target B2B marketing, with the strong events capability and lead passing it has some great strengths here. The main prohibitive factor for B2C is the cost, when you have a large contact base in your CRM it starts to get a bit expensive.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing has several helpful features which will support your GDPR compliance journey. Security roles can be also defined at multiple levels, giving users access to what they need, plus full audit capability. If you are using the Sales or Service the fact that this integrates fully, means you have one reliable source of personal data and a reduction in data travelling outside of your secure systems.

Price and Licensing

The pricing is at an organisation level and is based on number of contacts, not an individual user level like the rest of the Dynamics 365 range. This is a model that has been criticised, as it is all contacts even if you just hold a record but do not market to them. If it was just marketable contacts this would be comparable to competitors like HubSpot marketing and other B2B models. For organisations with large contact bases Microsoft are still working closely with Adobe Cloud marketing, which is more of an Enterprise level B2C tool if you have millions of contacts and a large marketing team.

  Customer Engagement plan (less than 10 users) Customer Engagement plan (10 + users) Dynamics 365 for Marketing
Entry point £565.60

per month

for 10,000 contacts


For 2,000 contacts


per month

for 10,000 contacts

Additional Contacts From £188.50 per month

for 5,000 contacts

From £452.40 per month

for first 8,000 contacts


From £188.50 per month

for 5,000 additional contacts

From £188.50

per month

for 5,000 contacts

Table accurate May 2018


An Introduction to Dynamics 365 for Marketing

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