Reduce upfront CRM training costs, improve sales productivity and team adoption

Helping your sales team feel confident using your CRM tool is important. This confidence will drive user adoption and job satisfaction which will improve productivity and drive ROI for your business systems. The best way to achieve this is a training approach that talks to your users in a way that supports them. Microsoft’s answer is Learning Path.

What is Learning Path?

Learning Path is the interactive learning tool within Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics CRM online (available in the December 2016 update or more recent versions). It offers users the ability to access learning materials built into the solution.

Learning Path is based on the principle that bite sized chunks of learning when you are using the tool is the best approach. This moves you away from long, ineffective training courses and offers you embedded learning that isright there beside your users every step of the way.

How does Learning Path work?

When you turn Learning Path on, it already has information on how to use the system, how all the main features work and a wide range of supporting material.  All you need to do is add material that is specific to your organisation. This can be information on the sales process your organisation uses, the types of inputs you want for particular fields and key people to talk to if you have any problems.

The information can be in a range of formats; text, videos, buttons, pictures and it even provides you with guided tasks capability showing you the best way to use a particular feature or report.

Guided tasks allow you to record a particular action or process and share this with the user, with pop ups, and highlighted areas to guide the user through the process. This is the most powerful feature of Learning Path.  It means you can control and support key business processes with a step by step guide that makes it full proof.

The content in Learning Path can be user and job role specific, tailored to your audience.

Creating Learning Path content

Creating Learning Path content is easy.  If you already have Dynamics 365, all you need to do is turn it on. It comes with a range of content for using the system to start you off so it’s worth adding. This can be done in system settings.

Identify key areas, processes or users that need some support with the system and decide what content would be best to support them. This involves talking to your employees, identifying super users and working through the most important areas.

You then go to the learning path content library and start creating content. In here you can create guided tasks or side bars. Side bars is how most of the learning is showcased to the user it comes in from the right-hand side when you click the help button, it is a place where you can host all your supporting content and information.

Learning Path uses Microsoft’s visual editor that provides you with all the options to create content, set the rules for when this should be displayed.

There is no limit to how much content you create for Learning Path.  It is best to firstly focus on your key processes and work with employees to identify areas where employees think it would add the most value. An example might be how you convert leads to opportunities and what information you capture along the way. Learning Path is a modern training tool that improves the way users use your CRM. It supports your users to follow your processes by delivering training as and when the user needs it. It provides bite sized chunks of learning, including guided tasks to walk the user through every step. This offers a great training and support feature, which should reduce upfront training costs, improve productivity and user adoption.

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