Incremental Group has signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge, a government and business partnership to operate under a shared set of values. The company is dedicated to acting fairly as an organisation; treating employees, suppliers and the broader communities in which it operates well.  It is one of the first 500 companies to sign the pledge.

Neil Logan, CEO, Incremental Group, said, “The Scottish business pledge captures many values we have as a business and so it was with ease that we signed up to the pledge. We are firm believers that treating our employees well and investing in the community is the best way for our business to succeed and the best thing for Scotland. It’s great to see so many Scottish businesses already signed up and we hope to see this number rise significantly.”

What is the Scottish business pledge?

The Scottish business pledge is a values-led partnership between government and business. It is a shared ambition of boosting productivity, competitiveness, sustainable employment, and workforce engagement and development.

It is built on:

  • a commitment from the Scottish Government, and its partners, to support sustainable business growth in Scotland
  • a voluntary code of business practice which you can use to guide and boost the future development of your company
  • a mutual pledge to ensure that prosperity, innovation, fairness and opportunity develop hand in hand in Scotland.

The Pledges

  1. Paying the living wage
  2. Not using exploitative zero hours contracts
  3. Supporting progressive workforce engagement
  4. Investing in Youth
  5. Making progress on diversity and gender balance
  6. Committing to an innovation programme
  7. Pursuing international business opportunities
  8. Playing an active role in the community
  9. Committing to prompt payment

As a digital business, Incremental has innovation at its heart.  it is a strong advocate for Diversity, Gender equality, looking after its people, flexible working and investing in young people.

Interested in getting involved?

Making your Pledge has three steps:

  1. First, ensure all your employees (excluding Modern Apprentices and those under 18) are paid the Living Wage
  2. Second, choose at least two of the other Pledge elements which you are already delivering
  3. Third, join the journey with other forward-thinking Scottish businesses – and with the Scottish Government and its partners – to take up the all the other commitments in due course to help bring your business to a different level.

Click here to sign up.