Data awareness workshops launched to help leaders in the local business community achieve more with data

Workshops will help organisations understand the ways in which they can improve their competitiveness by embracing digital and data. This an opportunity to attain sustainable growth through the intelligent use of data.

Data transformation made easy for all

Incremental Group is a Scottish-based digital technology business that helps organisations digitally transform, one step at a time.  It is passionate about data innovation and favours an incremental approach to deriving value from data.  This makes transformational data projects accessible to all and results are clearly defined and measurable from the outset.

It all starts with an idea

This series of data awareness workshops is designed to stimulate ideas within ambitious, growing SMEs and will help senior management teams to realise immediate, often transformational, business impact by making full use of their existing data.

The interactive workshops are delivered by Incremental Group Digital Data Consultants who bring experience of supporting the digital transformation of businesses of all sizes across a wide variety of industries in Scotland.

Running throughout 2018, the workshops are delivered from the new DEMO by Incremental Group facility in Glasgow city centre and a variety of locations across Scotland.

This service is free for qualifying organisations.

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