For sales or marketing professionals, your CRM system should be the cornerstone of your job.  If used properly, it can save you hours of time and empower you to more effectively manage relationships and sales with customers and prospects.

We asked our CRM consultants and commercial team what their favourite features of Dynamics 365 for Sales are.  Here are the top 9;

  1. 360-degree view of the customer. Capture a complete profile of your customer from first interaction through to post sale – record customer data, understand their interests and preferences to target them with personalised and tailored marketing communications. Hold information on their industry and what they are responsible for, add LinkedIn profiles and personalised notes to effectively manage the relationship.
  2. Outlook integration. Create contacts and leads directly from your email application and easily transfer related email threads and customer information into Dynamics 365 for Sales. Schedule and manage meetings with your customers using Outlook and have visibility of them to ensure you have a complete view of customer activity – no matter what application you are using.
  3. Sales Reporting. The built in reporting makes it easy to see where you and your sales team are against targets to help manage individual performance. Each team member has a personalised dashboard showing them exactly what they want to know about their leads, and opportunities. Plus, you can easily connect it to Power BI to further enhance reporting.
  4. Click to contact. Full integration with Skype for Business and easy connections with Outlook allows you to make contact with your customers quickly.
  5. Map functionality. It sounds simple but having a map automatically generate when you have an address for every account or contact is a really useful tool when you have a busy day of meetings at different customers.
  6. Marketing lists. Quickly create lists for the marketing team to manage targeted customer communications.  The easy to use functionality allows you to filter all your contacts and accounts using a number of different methods to get to the right target audience.
  7. Business process flow. Get instant visibility of every stage of your sales process – see what stage of the sale you are at, what actions have already been completed and what needs to be done to progress and close the deal.
  8. Office 365 integration. Gain visibility of all the documents you’re working on and seamlessly navigate from one application to another whether it be Dynamics 365 for Sales, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote.
  9. Any device. You can log in using the web apps or you can download the mobile app for your devices. It offers a consistent experience with full functionality available and access to your dashboard, contacts, opportunities and everything else you need while on the go.

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