Aberdeen City Council has today reached a major milestone in its journey to improve services for residents and businesses.

A digital partnership including Incremental Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has been engaged to work with the Council to drive forward its digital transformation.

The partnership, part of the Council’s Transformation Programme, will focus on improving the customer experience, supporting the Council’s workforce through digital transition and introducing digital solutions to reduce costs of services.

In addition, the partnership will continue to advance the Smart City agenda working closely with businesses and other public sector partners in Aberdeen to develop digital skills and stimulate economic growth.

A budget of up to £4.5million has been allocated to the support the work of the digital partnership. Spend will be managed through the Strategic Transformation Committee via business cases for change being put forward for approval before any spend takes place.

Aberdeen City Council Chief Executive Angela Scott said: “Alongside our Community Planning Partners, the Council has an agreed set of priorities for what we need to achieve on behalf of the people of Aberdeen.

“Ensuring continued investment in Aberdeen and its workforce to encourage a diversified economy, investing in our children so they have the opportunity to reach their full potential and supporting our customers and communities so that they are resilient and empowered.

“Underpinning all of this work is having strong financial management so that we can meet our priorities and get the best value for the public pound.

“This partnership is key to us realising these ambitions as we move forward and thus our work will be important to everyone in Aberdeen as we look to build a sustainable future.”

One key area of focus for the partnership will be on the Council’s customer journey and bringing more and more services online so that customers can carry out and manage their Council business online quickly, easily and at any time of day or night.

Not only will this save customers time and create a better experience, it will also allow staff more time to care for those who need the support of the Council.

Neil Logan, CEO of Incremental Group said: “As a growing digital business located here in the North East we are particularly proud to have been chosen to work with Aberdeen City Council on what is an ambitious digital transformation programme.

“Alongside our partners PwC we are excited by the potential for digital technology to help create better experiences and improve service delivery for all the Council’s customers.

“In particular we are excited by the potential Aberdeen has to become a truly Smart City making use of existing and deploying new digital assets across the city helping both citizens and businesses do more.”

Fiona Young, PwC Director for Public Sector Consulting in Scotland, said: “PwC are proud to be asked to support Aberdeen City Council with its ambitious programme.

“This support will not only focus upon the organisation itself but also on the city and region more widely, to promote investment, growth and jobs.”

About Incremental Group

Incremental Group is a digital technology company that works with the government and industry to deliver the digital enterprise, step by step.  It provides Consultancy, Applications, Intelligence, Enterprise and Cloud services. These services are delivered by a growing team of over 60 digital specialists in Inverurie and in Glasgow.  Customers include Total, Aggreko and The Scottish Government.