In today’s environment, the only way to work well is to work flexibly. Having a good work life balance is an important part of our strategy as we are only as successful as our people make us.

There is not a job within our organisation that cannot allow some element of flexibility, be that;

  • The number of hours worked
  • The time of day worked
  • The location worked from

We try and ensure all staff get the flexibility they need as we recognise that people have a life outside of Incremental and for us it’s important to help with that work life balance where we can.
Jenny Sclater, ERP Consultant, Inverurie “I am heavily involved in the boy’s brigade locally in Inverurie and having the ability to finish early on a Thursday, allows me to support a great organisation and help the children.”

Jen Adams, Corporate Development Director, Glasgow “At Incremental I get to continue to develop a really interesting, rewarding career and be a good mum.  It’s important to me (and a logistical necessity!) that I can drop my kids off at school or pick them up on certain days.  There is an understanding that a little give goes a long way.” Read the full blog here.

As evidence of our commitment to this a number of staff across our organisation, including members of our senior leadership team work reduced or compressed hours.

There are some positions such as customer facing roles and service desk functions where certain times and locations will be required but we do our best to make this work.

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