Bottomline Technologies PrecisionForms Product Review

Documents are the core of any organisation, how it communicates, what it records and how effectively its processes work. Even in the digital age documents still form a key part of business.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX you get some core document capability and you can extend this with development resource.  But there is an easier way.

Bottomline Technologies has created a solution specifically designed to improve document management within Dynamics AX and 365. The solution is called PrecisionForms. Bottomline also offers a wider suite of products with similar functionality that work for non Dynamics AX and 365 users called Transform.

PrecisionForms offers Dynamics users the ability to improve their documents and reports. The main benefit of the solution is that it allows businesses to enhance their documents without the need for programming or application changes. This is for transactional documents such as invoices, checks, purchase orders and bills etc.

PrecisionForms has an easy to use graphical interface and allows you to add logos, graphics, barcodes, signatures, colours, fonts and logic into your documents. It uses a simple drag and drop style designer making it easy for non-technical staff to tailor documents and reports. This allows the Forms and documents to look much better and easily include the latest branding and colour.

For anyone familiar with Dynamics knows this is a great enhancement for the default forms and the ability to do this without programming is quite impressive. The savings in technical resource time are significant.  Programming forms can take up to 15% of an entire deployment in terms of costs and time.  It could take around 3 weeks to create a 2 sided invoice template that with Bottomline this can take hours. This means the ROI on the solution is extremely fast especially for companies using large volumes of documents.

There are additional features to help global businesses such as geographical and language options that support text localisation for a number of the most popular languages.

You can also extend the workflows within Dynamics. For companies with a high volume of transactional documents that need a high level of visibility across the document workflow. With PrecisionForms, process workflows are automatically built into the design environment. Users can build portable solutions and improve their business communications without costly changes to other applications. They can also generate and automatically distribute multiple documents electronically or by print. This process automation significantly improves cash flow, customer service, and enhances productivity by reducing the cost and time spent on repetitive tasks.

Bottomline’s PrecisionForms extends your document capability and for companies with large number of evolving documents with limited programming resource this may well prove to be a welcome addition to an ERP.
For more information on the Bottomline solution please see the product guide and whitepaper here.