As a Senior Business Consultant I am basically holding the client’s hand through the whole process as they implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX and then we carry on supporting them once they are up and running.

I work with the client project team. That could be around 10 people from all departments in the business – the project manager, people from the management team, finance, operations, HR and IT.   My team, the Business Solutions Team, are the client’s main contact within Incremental Group, so we also work closely with other people here who are involved in the project.

My role includes implementation – that’s configuration, data migration and testing.  I also deliver training and then provide ongoing support. It’s very varied, which I like and I work with a wide range of companies – for example, I’ve worked with DC Thomson, Harbro, STATS Group and also Score.

I’ve got an accounts background and I obviously now also have a lot of knowledge of Dynamics, acquired through my time in the job and I think that combination is important.

What I like about my job is the satisfaction of seeing a project through and knowing you have helped the client get to the best solution for them.

You also meet some great people – you build a good relationship and they build trust in you.  Of course that is good from a business point of view because we support a lot of these clients for many years, but it is also very satisfying personally.


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