As part of our promise to our customers we have invested in our support services through new technology and processes.

We have improved our ongoing support service with the launch of our new Service Management approach. We sought a new approach that would allow us to deliver excellent customer service in a cost effective and user friendly way. We gathered feedback from a number of customers, help desk agents and through industry bench marking to design an approach that would deliver the service we wanted. After a review of the different tools available we have chosen to go forward with Atlassian’s JIRA Service Desk, dropping the existing system TRAK. We went live with the new system on the 7th August 2017, and we have migrated all existing customers.

What does this mean for our customers?

“The rolling out of our new Service Management Tool is an important step in Incremental Group’s commitment to delivering improved customer services. JIRA Service Desk provides us with a solid platform on which to build new service management processes, and to drive the services we deliver to customers, towards automation and efficiency savings. Ultimately providing our customers with a value for money service offering, while still maintaining the high standard of support our customers are used to receiving.”

Ken Starbuck, Senior Service Delivery Manager

Why did we choose JIRA Service Desk?

  1. Better customer experience
    JIRA provides a simple and intuitive portal that allows customers to easily raise new issues and track existing ones. Through the portal customers can see all tickets raised for their organisation, who raised them, any comments on them and the ability to search past tickets. JIRA also uses automated workflows to track and assign work to our help desk agents and this makes them more efficient and keeps them focused on what really matters, fixing your issue.
  2. Meeting your SLA’s
    As part of our new fixed price service management offering we can now set tailored service level agreements and JIRA makes this easier to manage. We can also through JIRA provide accurate reporting on how we performed against the SLA.
  3. Cost effective
    JIRA is up to 75 times more cost effective than other legacy systems available , JIRA service desk presented the best choice for understanding costs upfront, with no fear of unspoken fees down the road. Capterra named JIRA service desk the #1 most affordable ITSM software in 20171. This allows us to drive efficiencies across our business and look to bring better service to our customers.
  4. Speed to deliver
    We wanted to improve our support services as quickly as possible and JIRA was also the best option for this. We were able to use the new system and start building our new service management approach straight away. This allowed us to deliver for our customers in a much shorter timescale than many legacy systems like BMC Remedy or ServiceNow this could have taken anywhere between 6 and 12 months.

Key points for customers:

Make sure you have updated your processes to send any support related requests to, or better still please use the new Customer Portal to raise any new tickets, or see the status of existing ones. You may have already received an email from Atlassian inviting you to register for an account with the Incremental Group Service Desk, if not, please let us know and we can resend the invitation.

Feedback is an important part of our Continual Service Improvement process, please send any suggestions or improvements you may have to;

Key info
New Customer Portal:
Built on JIRA Service Desk from Atlassian

JIRA Customer Portal.png

Support from Incremental Group

If you are Interested in moving to a Fixed Price Service Management Agreement for the support of your IT systems?  Phone and speak to your Incremental Group Account Manager.

If you are new to Incremental Group and would like to discuss our support partner offering then please contact us. 


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