Access to the latest technology for those not able to go to the cloud

Customers who require an on-premise ERP solution can soon benefit from the latest ERP technology, as Microsoft announces the on-premise “Local Business Data” Dynamics 365 for Operations will be available later this year.  This, along with the new “Cloud and Edge” hybrid option, offers a practical alternative for many organisations currently reviewing their business solutions.

The on-premise version of Dynamics 365 for Operations has been long awaited and indeed, pushed for by many.  So this is good news.

Of course it is clear that there are many business and IT related benefits and efficiencies to be had from a move to the Cloud.  But it is also true to say that there are organisations that cannot, or will not, put their business applications and data in the Cloud at this time, as well as others who would prefer a partial or hybrid approach.

The main concerns of organisations wary about the impact of moving their ERP to the Cloud tend to be in relation to their Internet connection, security of sensitive data and the commercial viability.  This latest offering from Microsoft gives access to the newest technology without these potential issues of moving to the cloud.  Organisations that cannot move their ERP system to the Cloud can now implement Local Business Data Dynamics 365 for Operations, with Microsoft’s newest ERP technology, rather than the older AX 2012. Find out why you should consider the cloud option and what you are missing out on by choosing on-premise.

Clearly, on-premise, you are not reliant on the Internet connection.  Whether this is a hypothetic objection, or a real issue for remote locations, an on-premise solution removes that reliance.  Where you already have the skills and infrastructure you need to run your ERP on-premise an on-premise solution may well be the most cost effective model – a detailed examination of the costs is required.  And whilst Microsoft is indeed doing more in relation to security on the Cloud than is in place for the average on-premise ERP, there are still those that have concerns that data in the Cloud is not under their control.  The new on- premise solution addresses this.

The on-premise option also provides a clear transition path to the Cloud.   Whilst not everyone is ready to move to the Cloud today, this route gives the flexibility to move to the Cloud at a later stage, and extends the life of the solution implemented now.

Everyone now has access to the functionality of Dynamics 365 for Operations, regardless of their choice of delivery. Find out more about the benefits of moving to Dynamics 365 for Operations.